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Recommendation : This program originates from a particular range of drivers whose installation were problematic at the best of times. Problem : These programs belong to a particular set of HP drivers which are notoriously buggy and unless you have a lot of time on your hands, and patience, we recommend Hpqtra08 HPQtra08.exe (Hewlett-Packard) HP Digital Imaging Monitor task installed by the drivers for many of HP’s All-in-One and PhotoSmart ranges of printers, or installed by the HP software which comes with HP have issued patches and software updates which address various HPLAMP problems but it still remains a very flaky piece of software in our opinion.

Get it here. To remove HotBar download SpyBot Search & Destroy from our Downloads page. but it looks like my last update of adaware got the evil little bugger... It runs at Windows startup, does its job, and then closes. http://www.dllmost.com/windows-error/177646.html

HP’s Simple Trax is backup software which is included with some HP CD-Writers and which enables you to backup to CDs – you can perform both manual and scheduled backups with Note: When associated with an HP printer, this task has the side-effect of resetting at every boot-up your HP All-in-One or PhotoSmart printer to be your default printer. Hkwnd HKWnd.exe (Sony) Sony’s Hotkey Client.

This background task normally uses 1Mb to 10Mb of memory. In Win98SE/ME/2000 disabling it should not cause you any problems – we have however experienced one or two problems disabling this service under Windows XP. Recommendation: We have as yet no idea as to what this task does, but we do have many reports of the task not responding or causing "Invalid Page Faults", in each Background service installed when you have the Apache Web Server installed on your PC.

HDAShCut HDAShCut.exe (Microsoft) High Definition Audio Property. This tool is available as a download to instal on any HP Consumer Desktop PCs running an version of the Windows Vista Operating System.”. This is one utility which had un-HP-like quality control problems right from the description of the product itself, with the silly spelling and grammatical errors exactly as you see them above. http://www.dllany.com/fix-dll-errors/hcdetect.exe.html As Hewlett-Packard themselves state: “Most if not all printing functions will work without it, and print quality and speed are not affected by this.

Remember, though, from our experience and that of other users, there is a more than 50% chance that it won’t be fun ! Hphmon03 Hphmon04 Hphmon05 HPHMon03.exe HPHMon04.exe HPHMon05.exe (Hewlett-Packard) System Tray digital camera Card Reader enabling task for the HP Photosmart P1000, P1100, P1115, P1200 and P1315 series of printers (and other HP If this sounds familiar, check our Drivers page for a newer version of your printer or digital camera software. Hmmmm.

The icon has a green check mark if the connection between your PC and the HP printer/camera is fine, or a red cross if there is a problem (printer/camera not turned There is no doubt that having HotBar installed does make your browser pretty; however, after first investigating everything else, we eventually told the user we would have to de-install HotBar to Stunning. Recommendation: Down to end-user preference.

This task only runs for a few seconds at Windows startup. If you already have the latest drivers, then disable HPOSTS07 with The Ultimate Troubleshooter – you will be missing the System Tray status icon but at least you should find that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware will delete all of the files and registry keys of viruses and add them to the software quarantine. Download the best registry repair tool - Regcure Pro, This is a free download (Download Link) - The download will open a new window.

Background service found on HP laptops and PCs. Hpotdd01 HPOtdd01.exe (Hewlett-Packard) An amazing background task installed by the HP Photo and Imaging software for some HP printers (e.g. This alone explains the sluggish Internet performance of a PC when HotBar is installed, as any software which connects back to ad servers and then pulls up ads, automatically decreases Internet Recommendation: Printer monitoring System Tray icons are usually harmless.

hbagent.exe is a safe process Can I stop or remove hbagent.exe? Next, if you still have problems, see on our Drivers page if there are newer drivers for your printers which might correct the problem. Recommendation: Since a complete system recovery effectively wipes your entire hard disk and restores your PC to the state it was in when you first bought it, this task is effectively

This System Tray task is installed when you install the Palm Desktop software for Palm handheld computers.

Hpobkgo1 HPObkgo1 (Hewlett-Packard) This background program is called by HPOJVDIX described below. pstcp32.exe - How to Fix apphost.exe - How to Fix Comments are currently closed. Hpppt HPPPT.exe (Hewlett-Packard) HP Parallel Port Test task installed by the drivers for many HP ScanJet scanners. If you cannot see HelpExpress as an application to remove, then delete HXDL with The Ultimate Troubleshooter.

Seems to work in conjuction with HKSERV above. Disable immediately with The Ultimate Troubleshooter. Step 4: When the installation begins, follow its installation guide to finish the installation process. Most importantly, if your printer works fine and without problems, there is no need to fix what does not need fixing through the installation of the latest drivers whenever you are

This task is purely for troubleshooting problems experienced when doing a complete system recovery from the HP recovery CD that came with your PC, and only HP engineers have the means Hposol08 HPOsol08.exe (Hewlett-Packard) Background task loaded by the drivers for the HPPSC2100 & 2200 series of multifunction printers. Recommendation: Down to end-user requirements. In some versions you can also configure it not to monitor anything.

DJ-930C, DJ-990C, DJ-3580, and others). httpd httpd.exe (Apache Software Foundation) Apache HTTP Web Server. If there is a message telling that it needs to reboot, please click OK. To ensure that the printer is aware of the new envelope feeder, you have to go into the Printers Control Panel and edit the Properties of the printer.

Under Windows 2000/XP/2003, however, it is no longer essential to printing as, as long as the “Print Spooler” service is enabled (which it always is by default), printing to the printer Well, it certainly has differences, as in ....... Task List Name PROGRAM & MANUFACTURER WHAT IT IS AND WHAT YOU CAN DO Hbinst HBInst.exe (Hotbar.com) HotBar installer. If you want a guarantee of “no hassle”, then leave it running.

errors ! System Tools SpeedUpMyPC PC Mechanic Toolbox ProcessQuicklink Copyright © 2004-2016 Uniblue. This task normally uses 2Mb to 7Mb of memory. N/A Non-system processes like hbagent.exe originate from software you installed on your system.

This task checks periodically, when you are on the Internet, for updated drivers for your HP equipment. Recommendation: As we are not yet sure about the role of this task we can only recommend that you leave it untouched. Disabling it seems to have absolutely no adverse effect on the HP laptops where it is found as the function keys at the top of the laptop keyboard, to which this System Tray printer status icon installed by the drivers for HP’s DeskJet 1220C printer.

This information can be used by HP Support to help troubleshoot system recovery issues. They call me....