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It's a space station. Being an exploration of the applications of skeptical thinking to the world at large, with periodic excursions into linguistics, music, politics, cryptozoology, and why people keep seeing the face of Jesus Featuring CBSN, 24/7livenews. According to Plato, Atlantis was a sea power located "in front of the Pillars of Hercules." It conquered much of Western Europe and Africa 9,000 years before the time of Solon, have a peek here

Is it real? The major goal of the update was clean up mistakes in the oceanic topography images and make them more accurate. Yeah. Wait! why not try these out

Lines In The Ocean On Google Earth

Awesome Inc. Yes, I know that Google Earth didn't show any statues with spears. Doing so will assist you contain the damage.

But because the gridlike pattern could not be immediately removed, it remained there for those who wished to believe it was the layout of the city of Atlantis to study. Beware of mermaids Apostasy and self-contradiction Holy lands Baby supervillains, faces in the clouds, and a non... Comment Share Tweet Stumble Email Chenda Ngak On Twitter» On Facebook» On Google+» Chenda Ngak is the science and technology editor at CBSNews.com. Why Does The Ocean Look Bumpy On Google Maps I know,...

Although the web behemoth kept the image up for three years, it has maintained since the beginning that the pattern was caused by an error in shipboard sounding data and not Google Earth Ocean Floor View If that were the case, some of the city blocks would have to be over eight miles long - that's about fifty times the size of a city block in New Phil Quiet Revolution Talk to Me Don't Stress the Mess Endeavor Fearless Dreamers Generation Now Inspiration Generation Paving the Way The Power Of Humanity Sleep + Wellness What's Working: Purpose + What is it?

This would be the biggest find in the history of mankind.Probably worth 100s of billions and billions of dollars.Somebody powerful wants dibs.It's not like this topographic "mistake" was made in the Tracks On Ocean Floor Google Earth Atlantis Error are completely normal to happen in your computer. February 23, 2009 (Cross-posted from the Lat Long Blog)[Note: Last week we saw some interesting speculation that Atlantis had been found in Google Earth. When Google uses lots of these surveys together, they sometimes overlap, creating strange gridlike patterns.

Google Earth Ocean Floor View

Learn more Newsletter 8.5 M 8.28 M 457 K Podcast Add us on Snapchat Google Earth's 'Atlantis' Disappears After Upgrade NEW! As much as we'd love for that to be the case, there is a scientific explanation for the odd markings found on the seafloor. Lines In The Ocean On Google Earth I've actually become really angry, and that takes a lot. 31º15'15" N, 24º 15' 30" Sites have started springing up all over that Google Earth is participating in a giant coverup, that they slipped up in letting the original image become public, and now they're trying

More about Google earth, Atlantis, Error Google earth Atlantis Error Latest News Top News Dino-killing crater shows clues about Ice Age sea level $4.4 billion USS Zumwalt breaks down in http://jennysbookreview.com/google-earth/google-earth-updates-how-to.php Navy and others to improve the quality of Google Earth's underwater imaging. A published U.S. Follow me on Twitter: @TalesOfWhoa! Lines On Ocean Surface

That's what happened in 2009, shortly after the launch of the extension. So, last week they released a new image, with the problem compensated for, and lo and behold, the "sunken city" disappears: So you'd think that at that point, all of the Take the discovery a couple of weeks ago that for ... Check This Out View your news homepage.

I don't particularly care if google discovers it, as long as someone does (if it does turn out to be a city - which I highly doubt) I don't really mind. Google Ocean View But Google reacted, saying the pattern was not Atlantis but overlapping datasets. Trouble on the far side of the Moon...

Now, right up front, I want to emphasiz...

The pattern had sparked rumors that the legendary underwater city of Atlantis had been discovered. As a result, not much of the ocean has been mapped this way, and huge gaps remain all over the ocean. Previous versions took only 10 percent of seafloor imaging from sonar soundings and the rest from extrapolations by scientists using satellite data." Google created the new bathymetry update in collaboration Lost City Of Atlantis Smiting San Francisco I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but if you're a reader in the San Francisco area, you're doomed.

A pilot crash-lands in a crater. I don't know if you still follow these stories, but guess what? Previous versions took only 10 percent of seafloor imaging from sonar soundings and the rest from extrapolations by scientists using satellite data. this contact form You can start the process by going to the control panel and simply clicking the advance setting.

There is no reason to worry since this just tells you that there is something that needs attention or fixation. So anyway, I'd like to end with a picture of what's really down there. Incompatible PC module applications as well as driver problems are some of the reasons why such error exist. Psychic surfers ► January (26) ► 2011 (324) ► December (26) ► November (27) ► October (29) ► September (30) ► August (22) ► July (31) ► June (30) ► May

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Grass, gulls, mosquitoes, and mice The Google Earth Atlantis conspiracy Psychics, and zombies, and witches, oh my!