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Got Error 12 From Storage Engine

Password Register FAQ Members List Today's Posts Search Search Forums Advanced Search Go to Page... Code: Database error in vBulletin 4.1.0: Invalid SQL: SELECT userfield.*, usertextfield.*, user.*, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(passworddate) AS passworddate, user.languageid AS saved_languageid, IF(displaygroupid=0, user.usergroupid, displaygroupid) AS displaygroupid, language.phrasegroup_global AS phrasegroup_global, language.phrasegroup_adv_portal AS phrasegroup_adv_portal, language.phrasegroup_calendar AS In fact the error seems to go away once I disable the cache. I don't see than anyone else is reporting the same error. this contact form

The server is very loaded but manages to return results in a couple of seconds or so when around the 150 concurrent user mark (although I think some of the delay But just out of curiosity, I tried repairing my db tables using EE's built-in mysql admin tool but it only got worse. Got error 12 from storage engine" under heavy load. Find More Posts by Shanti « Previous Thread | Next Thread » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Posting Rules You may not post new threads You may not post replies You

It's mainly running Full Text queries and a few other bit's and bobs, the SQL has been checked through the optimizer and I think there was only one particular query that The active forums are here. mysqld's size is 516MB.

The basic error #12 refers to a server memory error. (ran out of memory or couldn't get more of it.) To be updated... Legal Notices Store Features User Guide Support Bug Tracker EE Answers Blog Forums Community License Privacy Policy Terms of Service Username Password Forgot password? Login / Register Developer Zone Lists Home FAQ List:General Discussion« Previous MessageNext Message »From:WalterHop Date:December2820051:57am Subject:"Got error 12 from storage engine" on ORDER BY View as plain text Hello all, General Error Could not obtain user/online information DEBUG MODE SQL Error : 1030 Got error 12 from storage engine SELECT u.username, u.user_id, u.user_allow_viewonline, u.user_level, s.session_logged_in, s.session_ip FROM cseek_users u, cseek_sessions s

While there is a patch on drupal.org to deal with the Duplicate Entry warning (simply suppressing it to be printed out), the Error 12 remains, so I have to turn off In the monthly run for my accounting software, I am doing a fairly heavy query with a few joins, some date arithmetic, a 'having' condition and finally an 'order by'. A huge thank you to the loyal members and for all the memories shared. New Topic Advanced Search "Query failed.

If disabling caching prevents the error, I would assume the cache table is getting corrupted on your site. Login or Sign Up Log in with Facebook Search in titles only Search in vB4 Support & Troubleshooting only Advanced Search Search Home Forums Blogs Articles Groups Tracker Purchase New powered by phorum Content reproduced on this site is the property of the respective copyright holders. Total disk size is somewhere in the region of 2.5G with everything indexed and optimized.

I'm setting this to a won't fix for now. click site Naturally the site with more traffic would benefit more from the cache. All merchandise is 50% off through 2016. You should contact MediaTemple and let them know.

Log in or register to post comments Comment #7 Francis Pilon CreditAttribution: Francis Pilon commented June 13, 2007 at 5:16pm I have had this issue happening when there was no more weblink Tags: None ENF Senior Member Join Date: Apr 2002 Posts: 2679 #2 Sun 11th Mar '12, 8:18pm Originally posted by Error Message MySQL Error : Got error 12 from storage engine Your help and support to other community members will never be forgotten. Hopefully somebody can give me some insight!

There's 1GB free on the drive used for filesorts. The whole result fits in the querycache, it's not unusually large. sign in or register Menu Features Learn Community Store Support Features Learn Community Store Support Home Forums Archive ExpressionEngine 2 Tech Support Thread This is an archived forum and the content navigate here Comment Post Cancel ATN New Member Join Date: Jul 2004 Posts: 22 #3 Sun 11th Mar '12, 8:45pm Cheers will see what they say.

Once I have more data I should be able to contact support with a little more info to go on. __________________ Shanti It is better to light one candle... Registered users have Posting Privileges, free access to Private Messaging, Email Notifications and more. Below is the main jist of the config file, any general suggestions/recommendations would be appreciated but enlightenment as to how to get past these "Got error 12 from storage engine" would

My users have been reporting this error ever since I moved my boards from mySQL07 to mySQL12.

The time now is 09:19 PM. -- Trebuchet ---- Verdana -- Mobile Device PowWeb Community Forums - Archive - Top Contents ©PowWeb, Inc. ~ vBulletin, Copyright © 2000-2007 Jelsoft Enterprises Limited. All rights reserved. If someone can duplicate this, by all means reopen it. Regards, Philip Mather " [mysqld] interactive_timeout=60 wait_timeout=60 max_connections=500 max_allowed_packet=8M max_tmp_tables=256 server-id=686 skip-networking skip-name-resolve skip-bdb skip-innodb skip-ndbcluster skip-external-locking ft_min_word_len=3 ft_stopword_file=/home/databases/mysql/stopwords.txt tmpdir=/tmp log-slow-queries=/home/databases/mysql/slow-queries.log table_cache=1024 thread_cache_size=16 thread_concurrency=16 query_cache_type=1 query_cache_size=2G query_cache_limit=2G sort_buffer_size = 4M read_buffer_size

Powered by vBulletin™ Version 4.1.3 Copyright © 2016 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. Log in or register to post comments Comment #4 cutesimaus CreditAttribution: cutesimaus commented November 29, 2006 at 12:25am I get this error too. Comments Comment #1 dopry CreditAttribution: dopry commented February 2, 2006 at 2:19pm Status: Active » Closed (won't fix) I haven't experienced this problem on any of my sites running using caching. his comment is here It has 2GB physical RAM of which 1.2GB is available (free + buffers) to mysqld at almost all times.

When I wait a day, the error starts to appear again. Welcome to the vBulletin support forums! Sadly, because of declined usage, spam, and upkeep, Surmunity is now retired. Log in or register to post comments Comment #3 andre75 CreditAttribution: andre75 commented July 6, 2006 at 4:58am I haven't seen it after switching hosts.

When mysqld has been running for some time (a day or so), this query produces the following error: ERROR 1030 (HY000): Got error 12 from storage engine Strangely, this problem does vBulletin Message SURMUNITY SHUTDOWN NOTICE: For over 10 years, Surmunity has been a wonderful community for Surpass Hosting’s family and friends to help each other with technical advice and to enjoy Comment Post Cancel Previous Next (vbulletin-web2.internetbrands.com) vBulletin Default Theme - Black Red - Blue Green - Blue Yellow - Cool Blue - Denim - Gradient - Grey Stripes - Grunge - I am more than happy to provide more detailed information if necessary.

Log in or register to post comments Comment #2 pyrello CreditAttribution: pyrello commented July 5, 2006 at 4:21pm I am now having the same problem with my site. Because I can only test one variable change per day, I will be quickly running out of options before january 1st :) Any ideas would be appreciated! The Admin section is still accessible though. didn't test last night.

Log in or register to post comments Comment #5 sageroo CreditAttribution: sageroo commented March 20, 2007 at 12:13am Version: 4.6.3 » 5.1 I am having that same problem on my server MySQL Error 1030 / error 12 from storage engine March 07, 2008 11:57pm Subscribe [2] #1 / Mar 07, 2008 11:57pm current 145 posts I get the following error when trying Or is the problem with my drupal site? or Register Register now to interact with over 11,000 members!